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Static Lists

Companies can be saved and unsaved directly from the table view or directly from their profile.

The Static Lists feature in HealthTech Alpha is designed to allow users to create lists that remain constant and do not change their content. This is particularly useful for users who want to keep track of specific information, such as a list of investors or Digital Health ventures, without having to constantly update the list.

Users can create these lists manually, adding in the information they want to track, or they can convert a Smart List into a Static List. This allows users to take the results of a Smart List, which is a dynamic list that updates based on user-defined criteria, and turn it into a Static List that remains constant.

Once created, users can download their Static Lists or convert them into Workspaces.

TIP: HealthTech Alpha Enterprise users can also share their personal lists with their colleagues using HealthTech Alpha, making it easy to collaborate and share information within an organization.

Overall, the Static Lists feature is a powerful tool for organizing and tracking information in the HealthTech industry, allowing users to create customized lists that meet their specific needs.

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