Make Better Data-Driven Decisions in Digital Health.

Dynamic Smart Lists

What is Smart Lists?

Smart Lists is a powerful tool for creating dynamic lists of Digital Health ventures, investors, or corporations using advanced filters.

Continuous Updates

Smart Lists stay current by automatically incorporating new data, keeping users informed about Digital Health trends without manual intervention.

Edit filters or clone Smart Lists

Users can adjust Smart List filters anytime for customized results. Cloning preserves the original while refining criteria for new lists.

Convert Smart Lists into Static Lists and Workspaces

Smart Lists can be transformed into Static Lists or Workspaces. Static Lists capture a moment, while Workspaces enable collaboration.

Enhanced Data Management

Smart Lists in HealthTech Alpha provides flexible, efficient data management, adapting to industry changes and tracking Digital Health trends.

How to set up Smart Lists?

1. Head to any Overview page and select either column level filters or use the Advanced Filters tool. Your criteria will actively filter your list as you apply.

Set up for Smart Lists

2. Select the button “Save to smart list”, and name your list.

3. You will automatically redirected to all lists you previously created

How do I edit my Smart List?

1. Hover over the action wheel to reveal all actions you can do with your list.

Action item for Smart Lists