Make Better Data-Driven Decisions in Digital Health.

Using HealthTech Alpha as an investor

HealthTech Alpha is trusted by world-class venture capital investors.

Here are some examples of how HealthTech Alpha can add value to your work:

  • Discover new companies
    • Access the largest database of Digital Health startups & scaleups
    • Identify under-the-radar companies with HealthTech Alpha’s natural language and advanced smart search module
    • Expand your search with our suggested competitors
    • Build targeted lists with our unmatched advanced tags and filters
  • Conduct in-depth company research
    • Focus on data points that matter the most
    • Look up similar companies & deals
    • Get details on individual funding rounds and exits
    • Easily create aggregate reports on specific markets
    • Use powerful data visualisation tools to understand your ecosystems
  • Find suitable co-investors for your next round
    • Search the most comprehensive database of Digital Health investors
    • Locate your peers and competitors across the globe
    • Find investors based on their portfolio performance, focus or strategy
    • Connect with the right investors and expand your network
  • Identify emerging sector & trends
    • Stay at the forefront of technology
    • Evaluate the bigger-picture, spot trends by location, industry or business model
    • Create a data-driven culture by objectively identifying trends in your industry

As our client, you can use one or more of our products and services to gain the most valuable insights about your market. 

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