Make Better Data-Driven Decisions in Digital Health.

Using HealthTech Alpha as an advisory firm

Spot the right company or trend ahead of everyone else

Some of the use cases for financial advisory firms include:

  • Find new clients, faster

Be the first to capture companies that may need your services. Our growth-hacking algorithm lets you identify ventures are about to receive funding – and those that are on their path to exit. Set up alerts for funding events and be the first to know which companies to reach out to and when.

  • Identify emerging sectors and trends

With global coverage of venture activity, HealthTech Alpha can help you track trends by location, industry or business model. Visualise macro developments in your focus markets with heat maps to help you evaluate the bigger picture. Our data helps you understand broader market changes so you can target clients more effectively. 

  • Forge profitable relationships with investors and corporates

Tap into our database of thousands of investors and corporates and analyse their portfolios and investment strategies. Build strategic alliances with key professionals to help you thrive in the global funding ecosystem. 

  • Position yourself as the number one expert in your niche

Today’s clients are awash in information, and they seek out experts to help them make sense of it all. Instant access to up-to-the-minute data, market insights and trends can boost your visibility considerably – showing that you not only deliver great service but are the premier thought leader in your field. 

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