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Scouting Flashcards

1. What is a Scouting Flashcard?

A Scouting Flashcard is an exclusive tool available for HealthTech Alpha Pro and Enterprise users. It creates a concise list of the top 20 ventures from within a designated list or Hypergrid, aiding in quick identification of impactful ventures.

2. How does a Scouting Flashcard work?

For HealthTech Alpha Pro and Enterprise users, the tool compiles information from your selected list or Hypergrid and generates a presentation in PowerPoint or PDF format. It highlights brief summaries of the top 20 ventures, organized by their Alpha Scores.

3. What are Alpha Scores?

Alpha Scores rank ventures based on their significance within the platform. Higher Alpha Scores indicate greater influence and impact.

4. Can I customize the ventures included in the Scouting Flashcard?

Yes, you can choose the list or Hypergrid to focus on specific criteria or interests when generating the Scouting Flashcard.

5. How can I access a Scouting Flashcard?

HealthTech Alpha Pro and Enterprise users can generate Scouting Flashcards by selecting the desired list or Hypergrid. The tool then creates the presentation in your chosen format.

6. What information is included in the Scouting Flashcard?

The presentation provides succinct summaries of the top 20 ventures from your chosen list or Hypergrid, offering a quick overview of their profiles.

7. Can I share the Scouting Flashcard with others?

Certainly. After generating the presentation, you can share it with colleagues, team members, or stakeholders to facilitate discussions and analyses of the selected ventures.

8. How often can I generate a Scouting Flashcard?

You can create Scouting Flashcards as needed, either for regular updates or specific research purposes, exclusively available to HealthTech Alpha Pro and Enterprise users.

9. Can I explore ventures further beyond the Scouting Flashcard summaries?

Yes, you can delve deeper into ventures’ profiles within the platform. The Scouting Flashcard provides semi-profiles, and you can access comprehensive information by navigating to the ventures’ full profiles.

10. How do I become eligible for the Scouting Flashcard tool?

The Scouting Flashcard tool is available exclusively for HealthTech Alpha Pro and Enterprise users. To access this feature and leverage its benefits, consider upgrading your subscription level.

Utilize the Scouting Flashcard as a valuable tool to efficiently identify and understand impactful ventures, enhancing your scouting efforts within the HealthTech Alpha ecosystem.