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Exporting data to Excel

1. How can I export data to Excel from the platform?

To export data to Excel, you have two options: create a list or dynamically filter data using the Hypergrid. Once you have the desired data visible on the screen, you can proceed to export it.

2. How do I create a list or filter data using the Hypergrid?

To create a list or filter data dynamically, navigate to the Hypergrid section of the platform. Use the available tools to define the criteria and customize your view until you have the data you want to export displayed on the table.

3. What’s the next step after I have the data I want to export visible on the screen?

Hover over to the “Action” menu located in the top right corner of the table. Click on the “Download” option from the dropdown menu.

4. What does the downloaded data include?

The downloaded data contains only the information currently visible within the table space on your screen. This means that any filters or selections you’ve applied will affect the content of the downloaded Excel file.

5. How can I export more data than what’s currently visible?

To export more data than what’s currently visible on the screen, you’ll need to expand the table to include additional rows or columns. By increasing the visible space in the Hypergrid, you’ll expand the data available for download.

6. Can I customize the columns or data I want to export?

The exported data reflects the current state of the table, including its columns and visible data. To export specific columns or data, you should adjust the table’s configuration and filters accordingly before initiating the download.

7. Is the export format limited to Excel?

Yes, the platform currently supports exporting data in Excel format. If you require data in a different format, you can export to Excel and then convert the file to your desired format using Excel or another data processing tool.

8. Can I export data from multiple lists or tables at once?

At present, the export functionality is designed to work on individual lists or dynamically filtered data within the Hypergrid. To export data from multiple sources, you’ll need to repeat the export process for each list or table.

9. Is there a limit to the amount of data I can export?

The export process primarily depends on the capacity of your system and the available resources. If you encounter any issues during the export due to data volume, consider exporting in smaller batches or optimizing your table’s configuration for better performance.

10. Where can I find more assistance or support with exporting data?

If you encounter any challenges or have questions regarding exporting data to Excel, feel free to reach out to our support team. We’re here to help and provide guidance on making the most out of the export feature.