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Alpha Score

HealthTech Alpha, a Galen Growth solution, is the global leading digital health intelligence and analytics on-demand platform.  An integral part of the HealthTech Alpha platform are the analytical indices that are calculated using unique and proprietary algorithms from the millions of data points captured by Galen Growth.

The indices and cumulative scores are designed to enable a quantified evaluation and comparison of digital health ventures by focusing solely on the capabilities and achievements of each, thus minimizing the risk of distraction by visible but not necessarily important factors.

Alpha Score

The Alpha Score is a 360° Venture Maturity assessment that aggregates four distinct and independent Alpha Indices

Momentum index 

evaluates the present performance and fitness of the venture relative to its ecosystem peers.

Money index

quantifies the financial strength and wellbeing of the venture based on its financial history and investor quality.

Market index

Evaluates the health of the sector category and sub-category in which a startup competes

Innovation index 

Evaluates the degree to which the venture is solving healthcare pain points

Team Signal

The Team Score evaluates the strength of the venture’s leadership team.

Partnership Signal

The Partnership Signal evaluates the strength of the venture’s partnership network.

Evidence Signal

The Evidence Signal is an indicator of the amount of evidence that a venture has accumulated to confirm the benefit of its solution to the target customer.

Venture Similarity Score

The Venture Similarity Score indicates the commonality of existing data points between startups within the HealthTech Alpha database

Venture Valuation

The Venture Valuation estimates the current and next funding stage valuation of a venture based on market-to-market calibration.

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