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Digital Health Taxonomy

Digital Health Taxonomy
Digital Health Taxonomy
ClusterRelated CategoriesDefinition
Clinical TrialsClinical Trial Matching

Data Collection Tools

Decentralized Clinical Trials
Digital solutions that aid in the design, participant selection, and execution of Clinical Trials for the healthcare industry
Healthcare LogisticsLogistics solutions that support the implementation of digital health, such as on-demand delivery services
Health Management SolutionsEHR / EMR



Physician Clinic

Prescriptive Analytics
Desktop software and mobile solutions to support healthcare providers in clinics or hospitals, to help pharmacies or to help consumers to manage health information
Health Services SearchMedical Concierge

Medical Tourism
Desktop or mobile solutions for patients to book doctors, access triage services, navigate healthcare services and make overseas medical arrangements
Health InsurTechHealth Insurance

Health Claim Management

Health solutions providing insurance-related products and services such as mobile insurance, medical underwriting, medical claim processing etc.
Medical DiagnosticsDiagnosis Tools

Medical Imaging

Omics Related Diagnosis
Digital tools supporting healthcare professionals in diagnosis, e.g. processing software for organic and radiological images, computer vision technologies for medical image labelling, genetic sequencing technologies for diagnosis, etc.
Medical EducationDigital solutions providing online platforms or services for the medical education of HCPs, consumers and patients
Online Health CommunitiesOnline platforms for consumers or HCPs to communicate, network and share information
Online MarketplaceComprising of B2C and B2B focused online stores to buy lab tests, and consumer and professional health products
OthersDigital Health solutions that are not designated to other clusters
Patient SolutionsDigital solutions that are available for the patient to manage, diagnose, or treat medical conditions. Solutions can be in the form of mobile applications or online platforms and often have the possibility of interfacing with healthcare providers
Population Health ManagementTechnology-based solutions for targeted populations in order to drive improved clinical health outcomes, such as employee wellbeing programs and home healthcare for elderly
Remote DevicesSoftware, devices and management platforms facilitating remote patient care, monitoring and diagnosis
Research SolutionsTechnologies for the execution and operation of research, e.g. algorithms for drug discovery, next-generation sequencing, big data analysis etc.
Safety & SecuritySolutions using data and software for counterfeit tracking, cybersecurity and pharmacovigilance
TelemedicineTelemedicine is a broad term comprising several technologies, from digital X-rays to over-the-phone consultations, utilisation of video conferencing and performance of remote surgery. It is the use of telecommunications technology for the delivery of medical care or services
VeterinarianDigital solutions using data and software relating to the diseases, injuries, and treatment of farm and domestic animals
WellnessApplications that offer non-medical services on mobile devices. Wellness Applications focus on various wellness-related aspects, such as weight loss, sleep analysis and fitness-related activities