Make Better Data-Driven Decisions in Digital Health.

HealthTech Alpha API

How can you use the HealthTech Alpha API

Our API helps you manage data as an asset and create a data-driven culture in your business, making it easy to share data and resources: on companies, investors, funding, growth metrics and more. 

Enrich your system or CRM with your unmatched data

You can use the HealthTech API to seamlessly integrate our data into your internal legacy systems. The data available in the HealthTech Alpha API is compatible with any system. You can build the API into your in-house database or other known CRM.

Get the most flexible way of staying informed

Request only the data you need, when you need it! Monitor regulatory approvals, clinical trials, product releases or updates in real time or get updated when something happens your areas of interest in Digital Health.

Get access to the HealthTech Alpha API

Talk to our sales team to learn more about HealthTech Alpha API by sending us a message here.


The API pricing is custom based. Learn more by clicking on this link or discuss the HealthTech Alpha API with a member of our team by filling in the form.