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April 3rd, 2023 Release

Advanced Search for Corporates and Investors

We have launched our Advanced Filters for Corporates and Investors, just like we did for ventures. Each column is now equipped with filters and a drop-down menu. You can view all the available data items within a filter and make individual or multiple selections by simply checking the box.

What are Advanced Filters

The Advanced Search now let you pick and choose your criteria with ease, while your venture list updates as you apply more filters. You can even save your queries as Workspace and Smart List as you go.

Now it’s even more convenient to customise your search.

How do I use Advanced Filters?

Under the Action wheel you will find a new field called Advanced Search. On click it will open a popup window.
In the search window you will find a selection that corresponds with the filters in the master table. Applying a filter will get directly reflected in the table.
Select as many filters as you like to precise your search down to what you need.
Once done with your filtering, create a custom smart list. The list will be saved under My Lists!
In the newly created list you can further apply filters or organize your table.
Under the action wheel you can select to export the list or convert it to a static list to manual add or delete entries from that list.

Why should I use Advanced Search and lists?

There is no easier way to navigate through the myriad of information on HealthTech Alpha. Once set up you can revisit your selections with a single click. Smart Lists get updated automatically as new data is added to the database to give you back the hours of crawling through news and search engines!