Make Better Data-Driven Decisions in Digital Health.

What is HealthTech Alpha?

HealthTech Alpha is the world’s leading Digital Health private market data, intelligence and insights platform to Fortune 500 companies, institutional investors, and leading Digital Health ventures across the globe.

How corporations use HealthTech Alpha

  • Gather competitive intelligence as we track your peers’ moves across more than 80 industry verticals
  • Create smart and custom lists to track current with the latest developments in Digital Health
  • Define your opportunity areas, inform your innovation roadmap

How investors use HealthTech Alpha

  • Early-stage due-diligence completed in just a few clicks
  • Use our list tools to build a pipeline for your investments
  • Download data about relevant ventures

How founders and CXOs use HealthTech Alpha

  • Get visibility for your Digital Health venture
  • Connect with the right partners and investors to market your solution or to raise investments
  • Track your competition

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